Investment Fund of Kazakhstan

Internet resource development

The development of an Internet resource based on the license "1C Bitrix Standard" for JSC "Investment Fund of Kazakhstan" was carried out. A large list of opportunities provided by the 1C Bitrix platform made it possible to launch a real Internet resource in a short time. All content can be changed without using "coding" in the admin panel.

The following functionality has been implemented:

  • E-mail newsletters with the ability to segment subscribers by various parameters;
  • Conducting online surveys, voting and questionnaires;
  • Multilingual - the Internet resource operates in three language versions;
  • Responsive cross-browser design ensures correct display on various types of devices;
  • Implemented integration with social networks for automatic reposting of news;
  • Automatic daily backup to the cloud;
  • Proactive protection - protection against hacking and information theft. The customer does not need to worry about regular checks, monitoring parameters are configured - the system itself will determine the level of resource security and inform the responsible persons in case of problems.
  • Implemented protection against DDOS attacks, which does not allow using a large number of "garbage" requests to disrupt the functioning of the Internet resource;
  • The Internet resource works on the unique technology "Composite site", which combines the high speed of loading a static site and the capabilities of a dynamic site;
  • Compression - the module reduces the amount of HTML data transferred between the developed Internet resource and the client's browser by several times, which significantly increases the speed of work for both visitors and administrators.


CMS Bitrix CMS Bitrix
JavaScript JavaScript
Sass/Scss Sass/Scss
Webpack Webpack

Project Team Members

Олеся Маринкина

Project Manager

Вадим Кравец


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