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The project of corporate web-site for JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation" involves careful consideration of the tasks of the customer, which is a key institution in the development of agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Corporation is focused on the formation of an accessible and effective system of financing and improving the competence of the subjects of the agro-industrial complex and private financial institutions.

Working on the project, we at KAZINSYS have implemented a number of functional innovations. First, an intuitive loan calculator was introduced on the website. It is a tool that allows potential borrowers to make quick and accurate calculations, greatly simplifying the process of deciding on the loan.

In addition, we have integrated online consultation services to ensure that customers can communicate instantly with employees of the Corporation and quickly resolve issues that arise.

Unique infographics and individually designed pages make the website interface not only attractive but also as informative and user-friendly as possible.

At KAZINSYS we use an individual approach to each project, providing high quality services for website development and redesign, creation of corporate portals and information systems. If you want to make your business even more efficient and competitive, leave a request for website development right now. We will be glad to help you with it!


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Project Team Members

Олеся Маринкина

Project Manager

Жанболат Мадиев

FullStack Developer

Никита Василенко

FullStack Developer

Мадина Байгенжина

QA Engineer

Вадим Кравец


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