National Center of Expertise

Development of a corporate portal

Development of a corporate portal and web services for the National Center of Expertise with the following functionalities:


  • Developed an online appointment service for PCR tests - thanks to the development of this service we were able to avoid queues when visitors take PCR tests and reduce the risk of their infection;
  • Developed 19 regional sub-sites for branches - each region has its own sub-site, which publishes regional information about news and activities of the branch;
  • The use of Electronic Digital Signature NCC RK - EDS for authentication in the administrative panel for users with administrative rights was introduced;
  • Developed a service register of goods and register of objects - developed as part of the certification of food and catering places and allows visitors to view the analysis of laboratory tests of a particular product presented on the shelves of stores in the Republic of Kazakhstan, or whether an "object" (swimming pool, dentistry, beauty salon, medical, industrial, etc.) "Production Control";
  • Developed a web service for Electronic Contract Formation - for online formation of contracts by visitors to receive services;
  • Integration with 1C with the ability to pay online - all services are automatically unloaded from the 1C and updated in the corporate portal, as now visitors can pay for them online;
  • Developed a progressive mobile application that allows you to send notifications, as a consequence increase visitor loyalty to the developed corporate portal as about 40% of visitors visit by means of mobile devices;
  • Developed 11 landing pages (Landing Page) for services to increase conversion - in order to increase the conversion of the advertising company of the customer side were created landing pages for each category of services with a description of the benefits and the fight against the basic types of objections.


Maintenance of the corporate portal

Presently services on technical and content support are rendered as well as editing and translation of the text coming from the Customer side.


CMS Bitrix CMS Bitrix
Vue.js Vue.js
JavaScript JavaScript
Sass/Scss Sass/Scss
Webpack Webpack

Project Team Members

Олеся Маринкина

Project Manager

Вадим Кравец


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