Invest in Kazakhstan

Portal development

For Kazakh Invest JSC, a portal was developed, which is a single window for access to all electronic services and information for investors accumulated from all over the Republic of Kazakhstan. The portal has the following functionality:

  • 17 regional subsites;
  • Integration with BPM system for submitting applications, complaints and suggestions;
  • Progressive and mobile application;
  • Interactive investor guide;
  • Unique design of the internal pages of the portal;
  • Connecting the Google translate API to translate content into the user's desired language;
  • Development of an interactive map of projects for investment;
  • Development of a section for those arriving in Kazakhstan;
  • Interactive map of regions;

Portal technical support

Technical support and development of the portal is carried out to maintain its performance. As part of these services, backups and procedures are carried out necessary to comply with the rules and policies of Information Security. The following tools and services have been implemented and used at and other projects of our company:

  • GitLab is a version control system that allows you to store all versions of the source files of each developer, so you can return to any saved version at any time. Also, with the help of it, the revision of the source code is carried out by the development project manager to maintain a high level of service provision;
  • CI/CD - technology for automating testing and delivering new parts of a project under development;
  • Kubernetes is a technology used to orchestrate containerized applications - automating their deployment, scaling and coordination in a cluster and increasing load.
  • IBM QRadar SIEM is a system that monitors all data flows and ongoing actions with the portal and its systems, preventing cybercriminals from stealing data.

Content support of the portal

Translations of content into foreign languages, writing of articles, editorial editing of the text received from the Customer and its placement on the portal are carried out. Development of infographics and other graphic elements.

By 2026, the Corporation is a key institution for the development of the agro-industrial complex, which has an effective business model that contributes to the industrialization, intensification and diversification of the agro-industrial complex by developing a sustainable and affordable system of financing and increasing the competence of agribusiness entities and private financial institutions.


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Project Team Members

Олеся Маринкина

Project Manager

Дмитрий Пиюнихин


Вадим Кравец


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