Social Health Insurance Fund

The activity of the customer organization is to ensure the financial protection of every citizen of the country from unexpectedly high costs of medical care by increasing its availability and quality.

Site creation

The development was carried out on a licensed content management system 1C Bitrix. The transfer of all content from the old site was implemented and the structure of information submission on the new site was changed based on the results of the analysis of the heat map of visits. All content of the site is edited by trained specialists of the customer's side independently.

The following functionality and services have been implemented:

  • Developed an interactive map of providers of FMS;
  • Personnel reserve and collection of resumes of applicants from the site;
  • Archive of vacancies;
  • Service for conducting surveys of site visitors;
  • Interactive calculator for calculating the required contributions;
  • Interactive calculator for calculating fines;
  • Possibility to send inquiries/questions;
  • Integration with three internal information systems was made.

The website design was developed in accordance with the corporate identity and brand book of the Customer's company. Light and clean colors, minimalism are taken as the basis. To design links for important sections, icons and non-intrusive animation in the form of shadows appearing on activated objects were used. Several typed design options are used for internal pages.


CMS Bitrix CMS Bitrix
JavaScript JavaScript
Sass/Scss Sass/Scss
Webpack Webpack

Project Team Members

Олеся Маринкина

Project Manager

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